Organizers Services

Ticket Zone offers the best & easiest ticket management system with best reliable technology for various activities

Activities and Events:

  • Facilities for recreational, sports and cultural activities.
  • Festival & Events
  •  Trips, tours and adventures.
  • Museums and parks.
  • Exhibitions and conferences.

 Integrated solutions for successful event

Your Event Ticket with your Company Indentity

Coupons / promotional codes for your event

Target audience marketing campaign for your event

Ticket Verification & Chek in App

Customer service team for your event and answering inquiries via phone and social media

Custom design for your event tickets with your brand identity

Box office sales team & Event Gate management

Seat Reservation Scheme by Class, Row & Seat Number

Ticketing and Reservation Systems Solutions

  • Online ticketing & on site ticketing Box office.
  • A special page to sell your event tickets with your commercial identity.
  • Multi Safe Payment Methods
  • Promo codes, package offers and memberships.
  • Ticket sales and customer service team.
  • Ticket verification and login application.
  • Ticket and attendance reports.

Events, exhibitions and conferences solutions

  • Online customer registration form to attend the event.
  • Registration with the reception team and self-service machines.
  • Print visitors and organizers cards.
  • Verify entry cards.
  • Reserve spaces and pay fees through the website.
  • Marketing sponsorship packages for the event.
  • Customized questionnaires and attendance reports.
  • Support services and Ushers for the event.

Ticket Zone Partners in providing specialized services for event organizers

Ticket Zone provides additional services to event organizers through Aproved partners for high quality specialized services

Professional Motorsports Racing and karting services & shows

Watersports services, beach management and water shows

Crowd Management Experts, Event Security, Ushers & Gate Management

Saudi specialized company in design, supply & Execute fireworks show

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